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File: richard_example.php

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File: richard_example.php
Role: ???
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example using Richard's Template class
Class: Generalized CachedTemplate class
General Template Caching class
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Date: 23 years ago
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<?php /* * $Id: richard_example.php,v 1.3 2000/07/16 19:33:46 jesus Exp $ */ /* * Based on "seperate.php" (sic) example file by R. Heyes * from the Template class package -- JMC */ require ""; require "./class.RHTemplateAdaptor.php"; require "./class.CachedTemplate.php"; $tpl = new CachedTemplate(); // no need to use $tpl->init(), because the // Template class has no constructor // for benchmarking $start = $tpl->utime(); $tpl->load_file('header', 'header-template.html'); $tpl->load_file('main', 'main-template.html'); $tpl->load_file('footer', 'footer-template.html'); // Check if we can send the cached file if ($tpl->valid_cache_file()) { echo "<B>FROM CACHE</B>\n<BR>"; $tpl->read_from_cache(); $end = $tpl->utime(); $runtime = ($end - $start) * 1000; echo "Completed in $runtime miliseconds<BR>\n"; exit; } // otherwise process the templates with some data /* data for the templates */ $test_var = 'Hello world!'; $page_title = 'Template Class'; $table_rows = array(); $table_rows[] = array( 'column_1' => 'This is column one on row one!', 'column_2' => 'This is column two on row one!', 'column_3' => 'This is column three on row one!' ); $table_rows[] = array( 'column_1' => 'This is column one on row two!', 'column_2' => 'This is column two on row two!', 'column_3' => 'This is column three on row two!' ); $tpl->register('header', 'test_var,page_title'); $tpl->parse('header'); $tpl->parse_loop('main', 'table_rows'); // get parsed document $data = $tpl->getParsedDoc("header,main,footer"); // output the page echo $data; // for benchmarking $end = $tpl->utime(); $runtime = ($end - $start) * 1000; echo "Completed in $runtime miliseconds<BR>\n"; // we write the file at the end so this // operation will not be counted in the benchmark $tpl->write_to_cache($data); ?>